Sunmore Ginseng Spa

East Meet West in a Personal Paradise

925 McGill Place  View Map
Kamloops BC V2C 6N9

Local: 250.372.2814


A Sunmore Ginseng Spa’s spacious, luxurious room is a great site for your next pleasure date with friends, family, and co-workers. North America’s only Ginseng Spa uses two key ingredients to soothe stressed-out Souls: the hands of trained Certified Massage Therapists and locally-grown Ginseng. East meets West as one steps inside from the Tournament Capital of Canada to the Spa’s Far East ambiance. A day at the Ginseng Spa is a sensuous journey for every client: Ginseng Honey Tea is served in the reception room, each Spa room has a private bathroom and steam room, and a trained staff pampers the pressures from life. Stressed-out individuals, bridal showers and groups can delay release back to reality and relax with Ginseng Tea and chatter in our Teahouse after treatment. When reality can no longer be avoided, leave the Sunmore Ginseng Spa and head for fun by shopping, golfing, skiing, and visiting Kamloops’ parks and other attractions.


  • use locally-grown, North American Ginseng
  • specialties: facials, massages, body wraps, foot spas
  • Far East decor: balinese screen doors, waterfall by entrance
  • complimentary tea and snacks in Asian-style Teahouse

Spa Rooms

  • spacious, luxurious
  • individual bathrooms and steam rooms
  • Asian-themed Spa rooms: ‘Wood’, ‘Fire’. ‘Earth’, ‘Gold’, ‘Water’
  • groups of 12-15: ‘Earth Room’
  • side-by-side massages, 2-4 people

Sunmore Ginseng Spa

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sunmore ginseng spa kamloops couple in wooden tubs
sunmore ginseng spa kamloops massage in the fire room
sunmore ginseng spa kamloops group in earth room
sunmore ginseng spa kamloops fire roomsunmore ginseng spa kamloops couple in tea housesunmore ginseng spa kamloops water roomsunmore ginseng spa kamloops wood roomsunmore ginseng spa kamloops wooden tub